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​ConnectWise Entities, Properties and related Types cached by TimeSanity

The following article details the ConnectWise Entities, Properties and their Types cached within TimeSanity and accessible for building rules. We auto populate the Entities and their related Properti…

Waruna Kirimetiyawa
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The rules for invalid time entries aren't returning the amount of time entries expected. Once a timesheet has been submit and then approved, we will no longer trigger rules for those entries. If a te…

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Minimum ConnectWise Security Requirements

For the TimeSanity we recommend creating a new security role based on the minimum security requirements matrix below. You can create a new Security Role within ConnectWise from Setup > Security Roles…

TimeSanity Support
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Calendar Tab

The Calendar feature provides an overview of your ConnectWise Member's time entry accuracy. Each time entry within the calendar will be flagged in 1 of 3 states: Time logged in the Past. GOOD : Time…

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Updated 2 years ago by Waruna Kirimetiyawa

Aggregate Email Notifications

Feature Disabled: TimeSanity will send each broken time entry alert as a separate email. Feature Enabled: TimeSanity will consolidate each broken time entry into a single email. How to enable/disable…

Waruna Kirimetiyawa
Updated 2 years ago by Waruna Kirimetiyawa