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Q. The rules for invalid time entries aren't returning the amount of time entries expected

Once a timesheet has been submit and then approved, we will no longer trigger rules for those entries.

If a team member did not resolve an issue before submitting their timesheets, the rule will still trigger and the timesheet can be reversed as required. The rule will stop triggering once the timesheet is approved.

Q. How far back can I check my active time entries/timesheets?

We have a 90 day cache that checks active time entries/timesheets.

Q. Last Synced time stamp hasn't updated recently

The system syncs run every few hours in a cyclic period, and are not on demand.

If you have checked the Invalid Results Summary page, and the last sync was an hour ago, you can expect the next sync to run again in the next few hours.

If the last synced date is longer than the last couple of hours, then please reach out to TimeSanity support.

Q. Getting a “Lifetime Validation Failed. The Token is expired” error when attempting to acknowledge invalid time entries:

The Links sent by TimeSanity for invalid time entries can only be used for a limited period of time after they are generated. You won't be able to acknowledge the mute links once they've expired. You can, however, correct the incorrect time entries in ConnectWise, or if the time entry is still invalid, acknowledge the alert from a more recent email.

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