Getting Started with TimeSanity

The following article describes how to get started with TimeSanity and caching your time entries successfully.

  1. Account Registration and activation
  2. Payment
  3. ConnectWise API Setup

Account Registration and Activation

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click 'Register' and fill in the form
  4. An email will be sent to your registered email to activate your account, click on the activation link and you will receive the following success message


Payment screen can be access in-app, payment is required prior to the application will allow you to cache your time entries from your ConnectWise instance. Payment is processed via secure online payment platform Stripe

ConnectWise API Setup

Follow the process below to setup your ConnectWise API Key which needs to be entered into the 'ConnectWise Details' under the "Profile' screen.

IMPORTANT make sure the ROLE ID is ‘Admin’

Populate the information into the ConnectWise Details Screen and click 'Save ConnectWise Details'.

All going well you will see the cache status as 'Fully Cached' (Manual refresh of the screen may be required).

If you require further help you can contact us by writing to

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